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raíces, texturas y colores latinos



The exhibition "From End to End" invites the audience to embark on a poetic and surrealistic journey through the rich cultures of Brazil and the Dominican Republic. The purpose of this exhibition is to explore and celebrate the similarities between these two sister nations, highlighting their architectures, customs, legends, and the lush nature that surrounds them. By delving into the surreal world of the presented artworks, visitors will be led to reflect on the invisible connections that unite these distant cultures.

Representing the Colors of Our Flags:

The color palette used in this exhibition pays homage to the flags of both countries. Five colors - blue, yellow, white, red, and green - come to life on the canvases, sculpting a vibrant and immersive setting that evokes a sense of belonging and shared cultural identity. Each color represents fundamental elements of these nations and serves as a visual thread guiding the viewer into this surreal universe.

Architectures that Tell Stories:

Architecture is one of the most tangible forms of cultural expression. In this exhibition, the iconic structures of Brazil and the Dominican Republic take on a new surrealistic dimension, revealing the stories and meanings that reside within their forms. Emblematic architectural works such as the Christ the Redeemer and the Primatial Cathedral of America merge into a dreamlike horizon, challenging the limitations of reality and inviting the viewer to explore the possibilities of imagination.

Legends that Inspire the Imagination:

Legends and myths are powerful vehicles that connect us to our roots and awaken our imagination. In the exhibition, these ancestral stories come to life in abstract and symbolic forms, engaging the audience in a mystical and enigmatic world. Legendary characters like the Curupira and the Ciguapa blend together, brimming with mystery and inviting visitors to explore the universe of Brazilian and Dominican popular beliefs.

Nature in Surreal Dialogue:

The lush and diverse nature of Brazil and the Dominican Republic comes to life in a surrealistic manner in the works of this exhibition. The artist delves into the essence of the flora and fauna of both countries, exploring their beauty and uniqueness in surprising ways.

The abstract and symbolic forms emerging from brushstrokes and the textures of coral stone and water bring forth a new perspective of nature. They invite the audience to embark on a journey of discovery, where reality blends with the fantastic.

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