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Masks of Diablos Cojuelos


The Masks of the "Diablos Cojuelos" (Lame Devils) offer a captivating representation of Dominican cultural and folkloric tradition. These masks, tracing back to colonial times, were originally used to comically and playfully satirize Europeans. Today, they play a significant role in the Dominican carnival, being employed with irony and serving as symbols of cultural resistance.

El Diablo Cojuelo is a folkloric character with origins in the oral and literary traditions of Castilla, Spain. Depicted as a mischievous and party-loving devil, he's renowned for his pranks and antics. This figure was embraced by Dominican culture, adapted to their own stories and contexts, eventually becoming a central element of the Diablos Cojuelos tradition.

The Masks of Diablos Cojuelos are more than just festive props. They embody the cultural resilience of the Dominican people, who found in satire and irreverence a means to express their collective identity. These masks invite us to celebrate cultural diversity, oral tradition, and the ability to transform traditions into something new and significant.

$ 2,400


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