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Cuca in the Forest


"A Cuca na Floresta" is a piece that combines the lushness of nature with elements from Brazilian and Dominican folklore. The legend of Cuca has its origins in Galician-Portuguese folklore, based on the creature "Coca," which means "skull, head." "Coca" is a ghost or a child-eating dragon that lurks on the rooftops of houses and kidnaps disobedient children after they misbehave. In Dominican culture, it's known as "el cuco," and in Brazilian culture, it's called "cuca." The canvas is filled with a dense forest, where leaves intertwine to create a rich and immersive texture.

In this representation, Cuca takes on the form of a young girl with a bare body, while her head is that of a fierce alligator, complete with massive claws and sharp teeth. This fusion of elements aims to create a striking and enigmatic figure, evoking a mixture of fear and fascination.

Cuca's presence showcases the ambiguity and duality of nature. She embodies both the strength and beauty of natural environments, as well as the dangers and challenges that can be encountered within them. Cuca, as a mythical being, also represents the human capacity to imagine and create stories to make sense of the mysteries of the world.

This piece invites the viewer to delve into a world of fantasy and symbolism, where nature intertwines with popular imagination. The density of leaves on the canvas creates a sensation of immersion in the forest, inviting the observer to explore the secrets hidden among its branches.

$ 1,400


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