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Woman with the Hat


"Woman with the Hat" is an artwork that celebrates the history and contribution of Dominican individuals, represented by a Dominican woman who played a significant role as part of the first Dominican family to arrive in my hometown in the interior of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. In the center of the composition, she is portrayed wearing an imposing and extravagant hat.

This hat becomes a true work of art, composed of three tiers representing different centuries of the history of the Colonial Zone. Each layer of the hat displays the most important architectural monuments of the region, providing a visual journey through time.

The artwork aims to emphasize how the construction of the Americas was intrinsically linked to the labor and contribution of enslaved Black people. The representation of this Dominican woman with the hat, carrying within herself the history and weight of these workers, pays tribute to their struggles and achievements.

The irony present in the artwork is evident in its association of the extravagant hat with European nobility, questioning stereotypes of power and social status. By blending historical elements with a romantic approach, the piece seeks to provoke reflections on the complexities of the cultural and identity construction of the Americas. It personifies the strength, resilience, and determination of Black women, whose work and contribution have often been overlooked by dominant history.

"Woman with the Hat" is more than an artistic representation; it is a powerful expression of resistance, pride, and historical reclamation. It reminds us that behind the grand constructions and monuments, there are stories of struggles, achievements, and a cultural richness that deserves to be valued and preserved.

$ 3,400


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