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Coral Stones


This artwork delves into the essence of Dominican architecture, drawing inspiration from the textures of coral stones that are so characteristic of this context. The canvas transports us to an abstract and surreal world, where shades of ochre yellow evoke the passage of time and the resilience of these colonial architectural structures.

The texture of coral stones is depicted intensely and prominently. Full of tiny holes and irregularities, it creates a powerful and sometimes eerie visual effect. As we gaze upon the artwork, we are taken on a journey of discovery, where the various holes and shapes present in the stones invite us to see hidden images and stories.

This surrealistic approach to coral stones prompts us to reflect on the richness and complexity of Dominican colonial architecture. Each stone is a silent testament to the passage of centuries, carrying memories of resistance and perseverance. They are tangible remnants of a history that was built and transformed over time.

$ 900


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