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The Golden Fish


This artwork aims to explore the texture and fluidity of water, transporting the viewer to a magical and surreal universe. The canvas is filled with stylized and surreal waves, creating an atmosphere of movement and enchantment.

At the center of this crystalline ocean, the figure of a Dominican golden fish emerges, with a surprising visual element: a giant eye embedded within its own body. In this composition, the eye becomes the fish, and the fish becomes the eye, creating an intriguing fusion of shapes and meanings.

The artwork invites the viewer to reflect on the interconnection between living beings and the environment. The golden fish, a symbol of the richness of Dominican marine fauna, is represented in a surreal manner, challenging expectations and breaking traditional boundaries of representation. This fusion of elements urges us to question the barriers we create between ourselves and the natural world, highlighting the intricate web of life that surrounds us.

The presence of the giant eye in the composition adds an additional layer of meaning. The eye is a symbol of perception, vision, and consciousness. By incorporating it into the body of the fish, the artwork invites us to reflect on the importance of a deep and conscious connection with the natural world. Symbolically, the eye becomes a portal to a deeper understanding of nature and ourselves.

$ 1,000


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