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Ciguapa and Curupira in Cultural Symbiosis


In this artwork, we witness a magical and unexpected encounter between two folkloric beings from different cultural traditions: the Ciguapa, a legendary figure from the Dominican Republic, and the Curupira, a forest spirit from Brazilian folklore. This extraordinary fusion not only celebrates the rich heritage of both cultures but also illuminates the beauty of cultural hybridity that transcends geographical and temporal boundaries.

The Ciguapa, with her bluish skin, long hair, and backward-turned feet, embodies the mysterious and exotic nature that surrounds Dominican folklore. By her side, the Curupira, with fiery hair, greenish skin, and backward-facing feet, evokes the enigmatic guardian of the forest in Brazilian traditions. While both maintain distinct characteristics, they share an aura of mystery and enchantment that transcends individual narratives.

The union of these magical beings not only celebrates the cultural legacy of Brazil and the Dominican Republic but also highlights the cultural hybridity we have in Latin America, where we can share and blend stories and myths that resonate beyond geographical borders. Through this artwork, we are reminded that folklore is a global treasure that connects people in deep and meaningful ways.

$ 3,000


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