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Andrea Mariano


Eliana Engler

Gabrielly Paz

Iolanda Delpupo

Karla Lessa

La Loba Dardis


Marisa Melo

Maria Bertolini



Curator: Marisa Melo

Realization: UP Time Art Gallery ​

Airing: January 7th to March 7th, 2023

Location: Shopping Light - Second Floor Rua Cel. Xavier de Toledo, 23 - República - São Paulo ​


With the purpose of bringing the dialogue between two important parts of art, poetry and the universe of imagination, the UP Time Art Gallery inaugurates the collective exhibition “Uni-versos”. ​

In addition to promoting more culture and art for the center of São Paulo, the exhibition also plays an important social role, with fundraising for the NGO SP Invisível, which promotes individualized care experiences and has initiatives for autonomy for people in social situations of street.

​ According to the curator, by breaking down the dimensions and similarities of existence, the artists created new possibilities to show what each one sees of their own universe. In addition to the specificity of each artist, the show permeates a poetic production, glimpses of creativity and parallel 'universes' in dynamic aesthetics and in the intrinsic experience of art.

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