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Gabrielly Paz

Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Gabrielly Paz is a visual artist, graduated from the University of Passo Fundo. Born and raised in the interior of Rio Grande do Sul. Since childhood, she had contact with nature and art, which today result in a large part of her artwork.


Gabrielly started working as an art teacher at Casa Drum Musica e Arte (Passo Fundo), where she workd until dec 2022 as coordinator and teacher of courses related to the areas of visual arts.


Her paintings seem to slide through a labyrinth of dreams and fantasies. Is it over there uses surrealist aesthetics to create dreamlike scenes; sometimes with social criticism, and also showing the greatness of the fauna and flora of her country, taking the observer for incongruous horizons.


The artist transforms each painting she creates into a self-declaration. Meaningful, unique and powerful, imbued with a subject and its capacity technique of realizing a poetics, with the philosophy of freeing oneself from the demands of logic and rationality.


Her compositions come from an instigating look: from reality to fiction, where the central figure is always placed on a high plane, as if innocence gave her a power beyond reality. In this mix of illusions, the artist invites you to see life in a more humorous way, creating poetic spaces that are most often visions of ourselves.





19 dez - 31 jan


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