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The exhibition emerges as a fascinating dive into the artistic narratives and journeys of two remarkable creators, Gabrielly Paz and Sarah Milani Campana. The unique bond between these artists is revealed in a fusion of styles and perspectives that transcend the boundaries of individuality to form an engaging visual dialogue.

Gabrielly Paz, with her expertise in surrealism and profound emotional expression, is artistically intertwined with Sarah Milani Campana, whose notable talent shines in creating realistic portraits. The works displayed in this joint exhibition offer a unique experience where Gabrielly's mastery harmoniously converges with Sarah's unique ability to capture the individual essence of her subjects.

"Stories and Trajectories" highlights the beauty that emerges when two distinct paths intersect. Each piece on display is a testament to the diversity of styles and approaches, providing the viewer with a deep immersion into the intersection of truly inspiring artistic stories and trajectories.

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